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Image by Doug Zuba

Our Guiding Philosophy 

The ACG team is weighted more towards driving your business operations forward than financial engineering to squeeze out artificial profits. What’s in it for you? Our world-class combination of in-house and affiliated expertise in operations and functional disciplines lets us compress learning curves, make the right organizational changes and take your business to the next level. We work to leverage our affiliate relationships with top professionals in food brokerage, customer service, R&D, food safety, finance, facilities construction/project management, employee benefits, real estate and more.

Consumers are driving a significant change towards a healthy lifestyle for themselves, their families, their pets and their communities. This demand is forcing large strategics to modify their product portfolios and retailers to change their business models and store configurations, providing significant opportunities to build and grow “better-for-you” businesses. We at ACG are interested in supporting those companies that inspire, enlighten, enrich and inform the consumer’s experience.

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